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"An Idea is salvation by imagination"
Frank Lloyd Wright

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Structural Insulated Panels- urbanECOhouse is constructed utilizing SIPS to give the house a superior envelope. SIPS are a sandwich of insulating foam and engineered wood. The technology offers far better structural strength and a far more energy efficient house than traditional 2x4  house framing and insulation. While more expensive , SIP construction pays back the owner and environment   in lowered utilities usage and a more comfortable house.

Manifold Pex - We use a manifold Pex plumbing system for easy maintenance, fewer potential leaks and better water distribution. Think of the central manifold the same way as your electrical breaker box, except for water. You have a central command  with NO connectors between the manifold and appliances, the largest source of weakness in  traditional systems. Proven technology over decades, it is finally changing the way we plumb.

 On Demand Hot Water Heater provides a more energy efficient system for your  hot water, whenever you demand it. Water is  heated only when you need it.  No large hot water  storage  tanks reheating constantly cooling water . No 'Running out of hot Water 'at inopportune times. The Water temperature is digitally programmable for greater comfort. Proven technology that pays  in reduced energy usage and greater comfort.

Structured Wiring System - a centralized system allowing you full control of all incoming signals for distribution, from Cable to High speed internet to Telephone to Security .Every  room has ' hard wired' high speed ethernet connections for greater speed, as well as telephony and cable connection jacks. An interduct system allows new technology to be introduced easily without costly rewiring renovation.