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Design Worth Living

"Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love"

Featuring an award-winning design by partners Tod Ray and John Burke and their team at Studio 27, our UrbanECOhouse, scheduled for completion in March, 2007 is less than a 20 minute walk from downtown Austin. While the home certainly stands out in the neighborhood, its operable  glass front makes it a beautiful but welcoming  house, setting the tone for a fast evolving section of the city.

   Positioned on a high cul-de-sac overlooking the greenbelt near the terminus of East 11th Street, the house features  movable walls of glass , a distinctive, soaring steel and polycarbonate  stair tower and an entire open-air third floor serving as a dedicated entertainment deck nestled in the canopy of large trees, with winter views of downtown Austin and far to the East

   The UrbanECOhouse
is the result of a cooperative project across trades and disciplines  to design and build a better house. We thought long and hard about what we think is important and why:-  great style is essential, the house must be fun, yet low maintenance; Comfortable yet efficient; and  built 'Green' , yet practically. While the UrbanECOhouse is a striking example of modern design, part of that design is the awareness  we have less and less time for home maintenance  and that technology and design can make a difference.   Materials that fingerprint, stain, chip, tear, hook, burn or dirty easily were avoided where ever possible;  dirt collecting corners and hard to clean  areas were redesigned. House systems from water to air to media were all selected for reliability After all your  house should be designed to make you smile: for comfortable living, not constant cleaning and honey do lists.

   Half your life is spent in your house- greater comfort doesn't have to be at the expense of increased resource use. We believe in efficiency. From the SIP walls to 'on demand' hot water to the built in networks, the best of proven technology makes the house more comfortable to live in with a smaller footprint and a lower operating cost.

   We believe all buildings should be designed and built 'Green". A movement that  in many ways originated in Austin, it is now global. It is the Now and Future of responsible building. We design and build for the highest Green Building Program, LEED , and ENERGY STAR ratings.